World class leisure & convenience facilities

All you've ever wanted to do. All in one place

Whatever your passion and individual interests, expect them to be indulged at Helderberg Village: the facilities here are considered the most comprehensive of any retirement development in the country.

Our Facilities Include:


  • Music Society

Music Society

The Helderberg Village Music Society has as its main activity the arranging of concerts once per month, on Sunday afternoon (normally the first Sunday of the month). Read More

  • Choir


Helderberg Village has its own choir, started by Villagers seventeen years ago. The first concert by the Helderberg Village Choir was performed at Christmas 1998. Read More

  • Library


The Library has developed into a huge asset to Helderberg Village thanks to the generous support of Villagers. Read More

  • Bridge


The Helderberg Village Bridge Club has the Tuesday Duplicate Bridge and Thursday Social Bridge for Residents and Non-Residents. Read More

  • Arts & Crafts

Arts & Crafts

The Helderberg Village Arts & Crafts Society offers a diversity of artistic flair such as painting, crafts, pottery, knitting, quilting, fabric painting and woodwork. At our Annual Exhibition, we showcase the most amazing art pieces created by our talented members. Read More

  • Quiz evenings

Quiz Evenings

Once you get into quizzing, you never look back! Get into the world of quiz nights at Helderberg Village. There are various topics, levels of difficulty & more.

  • Exhibitions & Performances

Exhibitions & Performances

Going to the theatre brings a sense of excitement to all. The stories, the actors, the grandiose nature of it all transports you to another world. Cape Town has a wide range of top-notch theatres to choose from, hosting world famous productions on a regular basis.

  • Pottery studio

Pottery Studio

Come join our Pottery classes where we form vessels and other objects with clay and ceramic materials, which we then fire to give them a hard, durable form.

  • Line dancing

Line Dancing

Join our Helderberg Village Line dancing classes where we enjoy choreographed dance moves to great music.

  • Theatre visits

Theatre Visits

Cape Town has a wide range of top-notch theatres to choose from, hosting world famous productions on a regular basis. We will arrange regular theatre visits for our residents, taking care of transport needs and so forth. Simply keep an eye out for the latest shows, and mark your calendar!

  • Carpentry workshop

Carpentry Workshop

Woodworking can be an enjoyable hobby that allows you to express yourself creatively and work with your hands. Furthermore, wood can be cut and shaped using simple, affordable tools, making this a relatively low-investment hobby.