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Our experienced, on–site healthcare professionals have been caring for our residents’ health and well-being for over 30 years.

Top Tier Healthcare Facilities

Our on-site Healthcare facility is currently undergoing a major refurbishment and is due to reopen in early 2025.  We are very fortunate to be able to advise that we currently have a waiting list for acceptance into our facility when it reopens.  Please note that there is a mandatory waiting period of 2 years for all new residents before they will be accepted into Healthcare.
We do however have an excellent Village Nursing Service available 24/7 on-site for all residents, and we are able to offer home based care through our Village Nursing Services staff.  If you should require additional care, we are able to accommodate residents at our temporary facility at Robari Lodge, Somerset West.
Please contact Sr Cobie Stander or Sr June Koopman to make inquiries on 021 852-3433 ext 164.
Our 24/7 Village Nursing Services (VNS) has been relocated to our clubhouse building during the refurbishment, and will remain fully operational at all times.

Follow the progress of our refurbishment below...

  • Week 3 - 0
  • Week 3 - 1
  • Week 3 - 2

Week 3

The entrance and mid-section rafters have now also been removed together with the tiles of the studio wing. Windows are being removed and openings are being bricked up to make way for the new configuration. We were given a sneak peek into the building this week.

  • Week 2 - 0
  • Week 2 - 1

Week 2

The dementia roof section is off! They are progressing well down the rest of the wing, including the entrance foyer and middle section. The electricians are stripping all the wiring from the open roof sections. We are thankful that they have been able to save so many tiles. This week there has been a great deal of movement inside the building as they remove the ceilings, and doors and mark and prepare the walls that are to be broken down.

  • Week 1 - 0
  • Week 1 - 1
  • Week 1 - 2

Week 1

The healthcare refurbishment has begun!

The hoarding is up and the work has begun with roof tiles being removed and stacked neatly for storage, ready to be replaced when the new roof is completed. 

Stay tuned for regular updates.