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All residents pay a monthly levy as a contribution towards the general operating expenses of Helderberg Village. These levies are calculated at the commencement of each financial year, based on budgeted expenditure, and are applied to the cottages and apartments according to their size.

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Benefits covered by the monthly levy include:

  • Maintenance of the exterior of your home;
  • Building insurance;
  • Emergency response;
  • Domestic and laundry services;
  • Garden services (Villagers are responsible for their own privately designed flower beds);
  • Refuse and recycling collection;
  • Postal services;
  • Free Wi-Fi in the communal buildings;
  • Hi-speed Fibre optic network connected to every home (you pay your service provider for data); and
  • Use and maintenance of the communal buildings, grounds and services, i.e. clubhouse; security; sporting facilities; swimming pools and dams, etc.

Future levy expectations

  • The levy is apportioned across the entire Village.
  • The levy is also subsidised by a 25% plough back of the nett enhanced value on the resale of cottages, which contributes towards a Capital Contribution Levy Fund, coupled with a generous contribution from running the Sales Office internally.


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