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Helderberg Village has its own choir, started by Villagers seventeen years ago. The first concert by the Helderberg Village Choir was performed at Christmas 1998. Now membership is open to non-residents as well. Anyone who loves singing is welcome to join, provided that there is a balanced division between Villagers and non-residents. The ability to read music is an advantage, but is not compulsory. A membership fee is charged, plus a small fee to help pay for the sheet music used for concerts.
The Choir Club's affairs are run by a chosen committee, but usually, the services of a professional musician(s) are procured to direct the musical activities of the choir. More than one concert is performed annually, mostly to a paying audience. Joining a choir offers the opportunity to make friends with like-minded people. Choir members form a support group for one another and a strong sense of camaraderie soon develops. The annual in-house Fun Concert usually is an informal occasion when music is enjoyed and laughter reigns. The choir also serves the Village by providing music to residents in Healthcare and by promoting the image of the Village to prospective residents.
Rehearsals, to the accompaniment of a grand piano, take place in Talani lounge at the Village every Friday throughout the year, except during December holidays, Concerts are performed in Talani lounge and at Heatherton House.
The Club Secretary
Email: clubhouse@helderbergvillage.org.za
Tel no: 021 855 8333