9-hole Golf course


Tee off on our 9-hole SAGU rated golf course and spend a leisurely afternoon honing your skill... or showing them off!
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History Of Helderberg Village Golf Course

The golf course was designed by Mr Bill Kerr of Grimsell & Co, in conjunction with the original developers of Helderberg Village in the late 1980s. The Golf Club was formed during 1989. Some play was possible on some holes during 1989 and early 1990, but by 7 December 1990, it was possible to hold the first sponsored golf competition on the course. It was still pretty basic in those days, but the first, and subsequent, golf committees have worked tirelessly to improve the course. In the mid 1990s alternate tees were added to allow 18-hole rounds, and in the last few years the course has matured into one of the most scenic and challenging 9-hole courses in the Western Cape. Tees and greens are in excellent condition, fairways are true and fair, and trees and gardens have grown and matured. Some of the views from the tees, in particular, are truly spectacular.

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The Course

All of this has taken place within a Retirement Development, which has won international awards. Villagers have a fantastic facility available to them, but over the years we have encouraged non-owner members, and non-owner members now make up in excess of 40% of our total membership. They have full access to the wonderful facilities available in the Golf Club and the entire Village clubhouse complex. Numerous other sporting clubs are also open for non-owner members to join.

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Please contact the golf reception on telephone number 021 855 8334 or email