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VILLAGE CIRCULAR NO. 3/2020 - 26 March 2020

Helderberg Village is currently under lockdown in accordance with Government Orders and Regulations declaring a 21 Day Nation-wide Lockdown since midnight on Thursday, 26 March 2020 until and including 16 April 2020.

This circular is a 2nd ADDENDUM to Village Circular no. 3/2020 dated 24 March 2020 headed ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19) – 21 Day Nation-Wide Lockdown.

Please note that Government, on 25 March 2020, published Regulations in terms of the Disaster Management Act (57/2002) that sets out what is permissible during the 21 day nation-wide lockdown. 



An extract from Regulation 11 B. states:

For the period of lockdown-

  • Every person is confined to his or her place of residence, unless strictly for the purpose of performing an essential service, obtaining an essential good or service, collecting a social grant, or seeking emergency, life- saving, or chronic medical attention.
  • Every gathering, as defined in regulation 1 is hereby prohibited, except for funeral (limited to 50 people).
  • Movement between provinces is prohibited.
  • Movement between the metropolitan and district areas, is prohibited.
  • All businesses and other entities shall cease operations during the lockdown, save for any business or entity involved in the manufacturing, supply, or provision of an essential good or service.
  • Retail shops and shopping malls must be closed, except where essential goods are sold and on condition that the person in control of the said store must put in place controls to ensure that customers keep a distance of at least one square meter from each other, and that all directions in respect of hygienic conditions and the exposure of persons to COVID -19 are adhered to.
  • Retail stores selling essential goods are prohibited from selling any other goods.
  • Any place not involved in the provision of an essential good or service must remain closed to all persons for the duration of the lockdown.
  • All persons performing essential services, obtaining essential goods or seeking medical attention, may be subjected to screening for COVID -19 by an enforcement officer.
  • All borders of the Republic are closed during the period of lockdown, except for transportation of fuel, and essential goods.
  • All foreign tourists who arrived in the Republic prior to, or after, the lockdown, and who remain in the Republic, must remain in their place of temporary residence in the Republic for the duration of the lockdown or 14 days, as the case may be, and may be subject to screening for COVID -19 and be quarantined or isolated as required.

CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) – 21 DAY NATION-WIDE LOCKDOWN                                25 MARCH 2020

This circular is an ADDENDUM to Village Circular no. 3/2020 dated 24 March 2020 headed ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19) – 21 Day Nation-Wide Lockdown.


  • During the lockdown period (from midnight on Thursday, 26 March until Friday morning, 17 April 2020) entry and exit will only be allowed at the East entrance gate.
  • ONLY ESSENTIAL SERVICES STAFF WILL BE ALLOWED ACCESS INTO THE VILLAGE.  NO NON-VILLAGERS (Family / Friends / Visitors / Contractors / Private Employees) will be allowed into the Village during the lockdown period.  Biometric access for Non-Villagers will be disabled. 
  • Family and Friends who wish to deliver parcels of food or groceries to a Villager(s) will be required to leave the parcel(s) at the East entrance gate.  Security Services will call the Villager(s) to collect the parcel(s) at the gate.  In the event that the Villager is not mobile, Security Services will deliver the parcel(s) to the dwelling unit.
  • Should you have an existing private Carer in your employ, please contact Security Services telephonically ASAP on IPEC No: 5-8310 / 5-8391 in order for them to be registered as an ESSENTIAL SERVICES EMPLOYEE on the biometric system.
  • Pharmaceuticals and grocery delivery vehicles (e.g. Woolworths, Pick and Pay) will be allowed access and will be escorted by Security Services to the dwelling unit.
  • Access will be allowed to emergency services which will be escorted by Security to the dwelling unit.


CORONAVIRUS (COVID-19) – 21 DAY NATION-WIDE LOCKDOWN                               24 MARCH 2020


This circular supersedes Circular no. 2/2020 dated 17 March 2020 headed ‘Coronavirus (COVID-19) – Important Notice’.1963

South Africa will go on a 21-day lockdown with effect from midnight on Thursday, 26 March 2020 following the spread of the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic in South Africa at least until and including 16 April 2020.

The lockdown was announced by President Cyril Ramaphosa on Monday as a measure to combat the spread of COVID-19. This is a decisive measure to save millions of South Africans from infection and save the lives of hundreds of thousands of people. At the time of writing, South Africa has 554 confirmed cases of COVID-19.  See attached graphic on lockdown.

Government is expecting that number to rise!

The safety and wellbeing of our Villagers, Guests and Employees remains our top priority and the Board and Management wish to share the specific steps we’ve taken to comply with Government’s Order to mitigate the spread of the Coronavirus COVID-19 across the Village.


From midnight the following will happen:

  • All South Africans will have to stay at home;
  • The people exempted from the lockdown include health workers in the public and private sectors, emergency personnel, those in security services such as the police, traffic officers, military medical personnel, soldiers, and other persons necessary for the country’s response to the pandemic. This also includes those involved in the production, distribution, and supply of food and basic goods. Essential banking services, the maintenance of power, water and telecommunication services, laboratory services and the provision of medical and hygiene products;
  • Individuals won’t be allowed to leave their homes except under strictly controlled circumstances;
  • For the homeless, either their existing locations or, where available, alternative temporary accommodation sites, will be used for their 21-day “stay-at-home” period;
  • During this period, clinics, pharmacies, food-stores and hospitals will remain open; and
  • Health care will be provided through triage to obtain “centralised treatment” for severe cases and “decentralised primary care” for mild cases. – A key objective is not to overwhelm hospitals with unnecessary care seekers.


From midnight the following will happen:

  • All Villagers are to remain confined to their dwelling units and immediate gardens, however, as Helderberg Village is an enclosed environment, with restricted access from outside, Villagers (while practicing strict social distancing), may walk on the roads and pathways around the dams, and on the golf course.  Please do not utilise the pathways close to and between dwelling units.
  • It is important to understand the concept of social distancing:
    • Partners may walk together;
    • Under no circumstances, are people from different dwelling units, to congregate or walk together; and
    • Anyone you encounter along the way, a distance of two metres must be maintained.

Any abuse of social distancing will result in Villagers being confined to their residence while in the Village, and not be permitted to take walks in the Village.

NO formal nor informal games of bowls, croquet, golf, tennis games are allowed in the Village. NO socialising or house visits are allowed – please use your IPEC phones to call your neighbours… it’s free. 

  • The West entrance and staff bus gates will be closed and access into the Village will be restricted to essential services only, i.e. Catering, Laundry, Healthcare, Security, Emergency maintenance teams and Village management. Essential staff will be subjected to temperature screening and will be asked about recent travels outside South Africa, before access is granted.
  • No contractors, private workers or fast food delivery services will be allowed into the Village during the lockdown period.
  • Villagers who utilise the services of private Carers are encouraged to make arrangements allowing for the Carer to reside with them in the dwelling unit for the duration of the lockdown period.
  • We will continue with laundry operations but limited to Healthcare only.
  • All Village departments and offices will be closed during the lockdown period. The Management team will be working remotely, so please communicate with Management in writing or via email:  



Vagn Nielsen - CEO

Suzanne Schneider - COO

Sue Smith - CFO


Hannelien Bruwer


Brett Conradie


Marisa Curran

Cobie-Marie Stander


Craig Hendrikse

Tenisee Henkeman


Carryn Clark


Matilda Holman


Susan Connoway


Richard Wilbraham


  • In the event of a Villager arriving at the East entrance gate with a temperature of 37.6 degrees or higher, or having just returned from travels outside South Africa, it is compulsory for the Villager to immediately undertake a 14-day self-isolation period in his / her dwelling unit. Healthcare management will be advised accordingly by Village Security. Healthcare will, as soon as possible, visit the Villager to assess the situation and supply the required information regarding isolation.
  • Our Caterers, Feedem Group (Pty) will continue to offer a home-delivery service. Menu enquiries and meal orders can be made on IPEC numbers 5-8340/1. Feedem is also offering frozen meals, selected groceries, fresh fruits, snacks and drinks for sale to Villagers. Feedem’s grocery list is attached to this circular.

Deliveries will take place daily from 11:00am -15.00pm.

  • The Common Property and Infrastructure department will have a small team of handymen, plumbers and electricians available in the event of an emergency during the lockdown period. Please call the Duty Manager on 083 2287321 for any maintenance-related emergency. Outside support during this period will only be allowed under the direction of the Duty Manager.
  • Servest will only provide a refuse collection service during the lock down period. No collection of garden refuse during this period. Please do not place garden refuse onto the pavements. No mowing or garden services will be available. The irrigation system will continue to operate.

Villagers who leave the Village for one night or more must complete an Absentee Form before departing.

The above steps comply with Government’s Order to keep our Villagers, Guests and Employees safe and contain the spread of this life-threatening virus.

Together we can beat this!