July 2019 Property Update: Unusually Brisk Sales Activity

July 2019 Property Update: Unusually Brisk Sales Activity


There’s no doubt that the extraordinary and picturesque surroundings of Somerset West's Helderberg Village, the preeminent retirement lifestyle offering in the Western Cape, provides a sense of being sheltered from the challenges of life. This is certainly the case when it comes to the current general doom and gloom of the property market.

In what is being seen as unusually brisk activity, Susan Connoway, Sales and Rentals Manager for the estate, reports 22 sales for the year to date, at an average of R5 million each. This compares to 17 and 14 sales over the same period for the past two years.

Rental performance is equally buoyant with only four rentals remaining since starting the year with 14 available units.

Even more encouraging, is that that despite negative reports of high numbers of emigration, all buyers have been local, in fact, mainly Capetonian, says Connoway.

“We are delighted with this year’s results so far, especially as interest has not slowed down over the traditionally quieter winter months. Over the past six weeks, we have had over 50 appointments and interest in the lower to medium price ranges seem to have picked up too,” says Connoway.

The main challenge at the moment is due to the general over supply of stock in the mainstream property market which is causing a number of keen Helderberg Village purchasers to struggle to sell their current homes, reports Connoway.

So why the unusual interest at Helderberg Village one asks?

As a South African resident, perhaps it’s the feeling that you have been transported somewhere unusually safe. 

Security is extreme without compromising the wide open spaces and magnificent views – and it is certainly unusual to see wall-free properties that boast beautiful gardens and homes.

Not only that, as a visitor, one receives a distinct impression of a high level of professional management throughout the estate. This could be because it has been well established over 30 years, or it could be the feeling one gets as you pass the well maintained 9-hole golf course, bowling green, tennis courts and swimming pools.

For residents, there must be a great sense of comfort from knowing that there is a healthcare facility with 24 hour medical assistance at the press of a button.

Considering all of this – and including that it’s a pet friendly estate - it’s not surprising that Helderberg Village was ranked by National Wealth as one of the Top 5 Retirement Villages in South Africa.

The figures in a property market downturn leave little doubt that it remains a sound investment for retirees and anyone over 50 who is weighing up the benefits of downscaling, or making a wise investment for the future.