Matilda Holman, Dedicated Liaison Services Manager and One Point of Contact 

Matilda Holman, Dedicated Liaison Services Manager and One Point of Contact 


Investing in a secure retirement lifestyle should come with a level of attention designed to make life a bit easier for every individual. When that care and attention includes a dedicated Liaison Services Manager as one point of contact for every enquiry, that is truly investing in what is called personal service.
Not only is this a reality at Helderberg Village, but it’s a function that is given top priority at the estate. 
For Matilda Holman, Manager Liaison Services at Helderberg Village, her duties are broad, however establishing healthy, fluid communication channels between Villagers and Estate Management is key.  
As the first point of contact for every new Villager, Matilda takes the task of ensuring that they adjust to their new surroundings smoothly and with minimal stress. Thereafter, with a direct line to CEO, Vagn Nielsen, Matilda is able to ensure that any issues are speedily resolved and that both Management and Villagers are kept abreast with Village life.  
Here are just a few of the other proactive ways that Matilda ensures that Villagers are constantly on the receiving end of information, care and attention. 

  • A weekly information flyer that includes general Village news, current topics and feedback. 
  • Home visits on the birthdays of Villagers who turn 90 and over. 
  • Bereavement calls and support for remaining spouses. 
  • Availability as a Commissioner of Oaths. 
  • Hosting of a bi-weekly CEO Coffee Morning in the Clubhouse lounge where Villagers can engage and network with the management team. 

In addition, Villagers can look forward to an online Community Portal that her department has  begun rolling out through a phased approach with almost 700 Villagers connected to this portal so far. This will further strengthen communication channels between themselves and Estate Management. This, says Matilda, will further differentiate the level of personal service that has been integral to the success of Helderberg Village.  
As someone who is passionate about interacting with diverse groups of people, especially the elderly and cites her ability to be compassionate as an advantage in her role, Matilda believes that Villagers should be treated with the due care and respect that they deserve. 
“We take great pride in being able to address any issue a resident may encounter. This is why we treat all our Villagers with the utmost respect and strive to accommodate them in every aspect that relates to their well-being,” says Matilda.
It is this attitude that stands Matilda in good stead as she navigates some of the more challenging areas of her role, one of which is conflict resolution. 
“Every story has two sides. It is important to carefully listen to the complainant and based on the information available, make a judgement call that is both sympathetic as well as prudent to the situation. I have recently concluded the Sectional Title Scheme Management Course hosted by Paddocks and UCT, which I believe is going to be very helpful in dealing with some of these kinds of issues,” says Matilda. 
With a background in the fashion industry and passion for customer service, Matilda’s eyes have been opened to the massive undertaking that is required to effectively run a world-class retirement facility that offers only the best when it comes to every kind of convenience. 
She attributes this success largely to the dedication and professionalism of the staff. 
“Everyone works together for the common good of Helderberg Village. It is truly a team effort. The Village would not be able to function as seamlessly as it does if the various departments did not support each other the way that they do,” she concludes.